Issue with Mobile Commands and not syncing


I am having some trouble with my recent suretyDIY alarm contract. I have a 2Gig GoControl panel. My panel will communicate to suretyDIY/ when an alarm is activated, but other times it does not keep in sync. As an example, if I arm my system from the panel, the app will still indicate the system is disarmed. Additionally, if I attempt to arm the system from the app, it will produce a “timeout” error and not work.

Also, sensors are not updating status (open or closed) to portal.

Is there something that can be done to remedy these issues?

Thank you

How often do you notice your panel having poor signal? Is this a recent development or has it been going on for some time? I am seeing very little sensor activity and almost no arming activity. This is likely due to poor signalling.

To troubleshoot you will want to power cycle the panel.(unplug power supply then battery, wait 2 minutes then plug battery in then power supply) However, during the power cycle, when powered down completely, you will want to check to ensure that the cell module is seated properly and attached via set screws. You will also want to check that the external antenna that attaches to the module is seated properly as well.

Once the panel is booted back up, Wait 5 minutes then Arm the panel and disarm it locally (from the panel itself) You will then want to confirm arming status through It will also be a good idea to test sensors and ensure sensor activity through as well. Does this process fix your issue?

Some things you’ll also want to check:
-Installation point, main or higher floor, close to an outer wall (to achieve optimum signaling)
-Ensure that the panel is not located near any metal, which can diminish the signal.