Issue with Rules

All rules stopped in the past few days. have gone online and made inactive and then back to active and nothing has worked. Can you check back-end please?


Happy to assist!

Commands have been sent to rebuild the rules. Please let us know if they are working correctly.

They are not working correctly.

Is there any further troubleshooting?

Yes, if a command to rebuild rules did not work, we should explore what rules are failing.

I see rules for both Locks and lights. Have you tested all the rules? None of them work?

A couple things to look at:

I see in the past few days one instance where a lock was unlocked but it looks like the automatic disarm rule did not work. However, this was on a lock which is reporting a critically low battery level on I would suggest replacing the batteries first and testing again just to verify if the locks issue is separate (as it very well may be due to battery level)

All the light rules look to be scheduled rules all based on sunset and sunrise. Can you edit one or create a new rule which turns on lights at a specific time of day? We have seen issues with certain panel/firmware combos specifically with sunrise/sunset rules in the past.

Lastly, the firmware version being used is fairly old (1.5.1) and it would be beneficial to update the firmware. I recall there being some issues with Z-wave devices for some users when upgrading to 1.5.1, so the issue may be tied to the firmware.

Thank you I will check and see.

after firmware upgrade so far so good…

thank you!

Thank you for following up, glad to hear!

Now I am experiencing a very weird occurances.

Yesterday at 9:32 pm our front door just opened for no reason?

We have noticed this a few other times in the past week but that one is the only I have a exact time for you. How can the system just order a door unlocked?

Also our doorbell we have noticed has stopped recording since 10/21.

We have noticed this a few other times in the past week but that one is the only I have a exact time for you. How can the system just order a door unlocked?

It can’t, but note that when it says “Door Unlocked” in the history, that means the alarm panel has announced that status change to

To verify, are you saying it physically unlocked and you manually re-locked it right after? Or are you just going off of what the history says? I see a locked status come through roughly 20 seconds later, but again, that just means the panel sent that to ADC.

In addition, it looks like the unlocked status you are pointing out was the second for that lock in a row. The panel sent two unlocked status updates without a locked update in between. This may be indicative of Z-wave network communication issues.

It physically unlocked and I manually locked right after.

Also doorbell cam no longer records.

Thank you.

Regarding the lock, what is the model of lock on the front door?

From your history, strangely the lock does not show as having been locked after unlocking at 6:39 PM. A follow up “Unlocked” notification occurred at 9:32, the one you are referring to.

Locks cannot unlock without manually doing so or sending a command, and no command was sent. Were you outside or inside at the time? Did you hear the bolt retract at the time? Did you first discover it due to the notification?

Based on the history I see, the only sequence that makes any sense would be that the lock was not re-locked after the 6:39 event, or possibly the bolt not successfully extended all the way.

If you are 100% sure that A) The bolt was extended and locked at the time, B) No one unlocked it locally, C) No One might have unlocked it from outside, and D) it definitively unlocked without interaction, then I would very strongly recommend replacing the lock as it is likely a serious hardware malfunction.

Also doorbell cam no longer records.

If one of your recording schedules fails, a good quick test is to pause the schedule, wait five minutes, then reactivate. Should pausing and reactivating the schedule not resolve this, the best next step would be a power cycle of the Skybell. I’ve sent a command to the camera to reboot. Does this resolve the issue?

As a follow up, looking at the account history, I can confirm that your video upload limit was reached 10/21/2017, which is why the recordings stopped. Your schedules are currently paused.

You can edit this by logging into and navigating to the video page.