Issue with App

Widget for the app

“This feature is disabled when your phone is locked.” I get this message when trying to arm the system. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Happy to help!

To clarify, are you referring to the widgets that control individual scenes or the ADC mobile app itself?

If referring to the widget, do any of the other scene widgets function properly?

Has this issue been happening long or is this a more recent development?

What version of the mobile app are you currently running? The most recent version for ios is 4.3.0

I believe by default the ability to use Scene Widgets while the phone is in lock status is disabled. To enable open the ADC App and open the menu. Then click on app-settings -> widgets-> edit then click on the settings gear. From here you should be able to toggle control from the lock screen on or off.

Dude, thats it! The elusive settings gear after clicking “edit” worked.

I clicked “edit” and could move the buttons up/down, but completely missed the setting gear RIGHT THERE!

You are correct. By default, the lock screen toggle is set to “off”. --J (errr, Dexter)