Issue/ tips for improved GeoServices performance

Since I recently setup some Geo Service rules, I have had issue with it consistently working how I expect it to.

I setup automation rules such that 2 sets of lights turn on when I enter my “home” Geo zone” only after sunset. The rule has been unpredictable in terms of working. Examples include not triggering at all to triggering at the wrong time (i.e. before sunset). More time than not it has not triggered.

I have seen some threads with others having issues with automation working with the sunset /sunrise time option so I am wondering if it is related. If not what can I do to make this work more consistently?

Geoservices itself has some limiting factors which may be coming into play. Check the following when you are setting your Geofence and troubleshooting:

– Low power mode on the phone may hinder geoservices.
– Carriers often disable data when voice is active. This is a big one, if you are talking on the phone while leaving/entering the fence, it may not register depending on the carrier.
– If a destination is near the edge of the fence there can be issues.
– If the app had not been opened since the phone was rebooted, geoservices may not have been active.

I would try deleting and recreating the rule associated to ensure it is saved appropriately.