Issue installing Skybell HD with

I have installed the Skybell HD device on my network and works fine with the Skybell phone app but it fails when installing the device in the app.

Followed the instructions, seeing the right colors flashing while synchronizing the WiFi (red/green at the start, orange, than solid green) but the app shows installing 10% complete for more than 2 mins than failed.

Any idea?

Is it an branded Skybell HD or a regular Skybell HD? The ones have a special firmware on them to work better with

Here’s a note from the ADC knowledge base:

If the Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera is enrolled into the Skybell app, the firmware version of the Doorbell Camera changes to a version that is not compatible with

Caution : Enroll the Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera into the app only. An doorbell camera that was previously enrolled in the Skybell app is not guaranteed to successfully enroll in the app, even after it is removed from the Skybell app.

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to get that one working with even if it was an model based on the warning. It’s been a while since we’ve checked but we’ll look again into whether there’s a way to put firmware back on the camera.

Hi thanks for getting back to me with a lot of information.
Attached is a screenshot with the firmware version of the doorbell.

How can I know if it’s compatible with

Alberto Palazzi

Unfortunately it looks like an unsupported firmware version was applied when added through the Skybell App. 7036 is a different base version than ADC uses. The correct ADC firmware cannot be flashed on that device now it appears.

I don’t believe there is a way to revert to older Skybell firmware. Skybell may be able to confirm that answer, I’ve reached out to Skybell to try to confirm this and will follow up here with any info, but it may be good to try contacting them as well.

Hi Jason,
Thanks again for looking into this. I got confirmation from Skybell support that there is no way to flash a different firmware on the doorbell. I will continue to use it with the Skybell app.

Alberto Palazzi

Yes, that was confirmed with me as well. In the past the Skybell app and used the same base firmware version and you could swap between them, but that is no longer the case unfortunately.

If you no longer are using any video devices, remember to remove the video service add-on. You can adjust your plan at any time in the Surety System Manager.