Issue creating Sensor Left Open Notification

Under notifications, i want to be notified if my front door is left open for a period of time. I go in there to set it up but there are no sensors to choose in that section. I have door sensors set up, why dont they show up in that section? All other notifications show the sensors except for the door left open notification. Please advise how i can fix this. Also, I want to know where do i go to add features onto my account? Thank you in advance

Happy to assist!

Records indicate that the contact learned in as “Front Door” has been learned in as a Contact: Multi-Function. This will not show up as a valid sensor for the “Sensor Left Open” notification. In order to have access to this notification, the sensor type will need to be changed at the panel from “Door/Window - M” to simply “Door/Window” in sensor programming. After making the necessary change, log back into your account, do you see the “Sensor Left Open” notification in the New Notifications window?

I want to know where do i go to add features onto my account?

If you are looking to add specific features, please submit your request to our customer service team via our Secure Message Tool, for account verification purposes. You can find features, add-ons, and pricing here on our website.