Is ADC-200H-EVD-T Comm module compatible with Simon XT

Is ADC-200H-EVD-T, x-177VZ Communication module compatible with Simon XT Rev.1.4?
Once it’s checked with your serial number checker, there should be no other issue, assuming it’s not broken?
Thank You.

That model number is not something I am familiar with. The Verizon module model number I am familiar with would be 600-1048-XT-ZX-VZ. That said, if it is a Verizon Simon XT/XTi module, x177 is compatible with 1.4, yes. x177 is the first version that is compatible with 1.6 and up as well, so it would work with newer panels.

The safest bet would be to try to get the serial number from the seller beforehand, and I would strongly suggest this if buying from ebay, craigslist, etc. You can then check to make sure that module is a Simon XT/XTi module, verify the carrier, and verify it isn’t deactivated or registered.