IQ4 availability

It would appear that the IQ$ 345 mhz Verizon is short on supply .

Do you know when you will have the panel and remote panel in stock again?

IM not really happy with my 2GIG GC2 expereince so I want to move to another brand and th is brand and it seems like Surety likes this brand more.

I also think the BLK panel will sell. Will you consider bringing those in stock?

Can I place an order with you for a Black Panel. and black remote panel?

I don’t think its “critical”, but as you know I am having issues with my panel and probably should replace one way or another. If I can wait until more supply comes in, I will

I called the manufacturer and they did not indicate that they were out of stock or having production issues

We currently have the white version of the IQ Panel 4 w/345MHz radio Verizon IQP4003. You can find it here without a new subscription for service.

We are unable to carry the black version of the IQ Panel 4 345 at this time. Compatible equipment can be purchased elsewhere and still used with our service however.

The IQ Remote only comes in white at this time.