IQ2 Won't stay connected

I just purchased an IQ2 Panel to connect to by Livewatch-provided IQ Panel. The IQ2 will initially pair but won’t maintain any sort of connection (or respond to pings). Any help? The IQ2 is running 1.5 and the IQ is running 1.6.1, if that’s any help.

Also, the firmware seems rather half-baked going by the attached picture …

See this page. Unfortunately Qolsys does not yet have a comparable 1.6 firmware for the IQ2, and a matching firmware is needed. 1.6.1 is not compatible with IQ2’s yet at this time.

1.6.1 cannot be added if you have an IQ2 present, but it sounds like you are adding after? Unfortunately this will not work yet. I can contact Qolsys when they open to see if an update or ETA is available.

Could you please contact them? I otherwise have an expensive paperweight that can’t even display the date properly :frowning:

Just waiting to hear from Qolsys on this.

I upgraded the main and IQ to 1.6.2 and the problem with the IQ2 remaining connected continues. A life safety device using an end users home wifi seems like a half baked and horrible idea anyways. That combined with the numerous security Android vulnerabilities that are published year in and year out, has me questioning my better judgement on using this platform. Had I not of invested in a ton of DSC sensors when I put my system in ~10 years ago, I wouldn’t of even considered it.

Further solidifying my thoughts, I recently spoke with a developer from ADC who pretty much confirmed the Qolsys product is a bit of a software and hardware debacle – especially when compared to 2GIG (yes, yes, I know more specifics would be helpful but I don’t want to get this guy into trouble).

I think the smart money here is to punt on the DSC/Qolsys product and move to 2GIG. I can keep the existing DSC sensors and use a DSC <> 2Gig translator.

sigh. If only things were easy.


See this post for instructions on updating IQ2s to 1.6.

We’ve noticed issues going to 1.6, but if you have already updated to 1.6 and still have network issues, there is undoubtedly something in the network which is having a negative impact. The IQ2 should likely handle the situation in a better way if that is the case, but one of the issues with wifi is the enormous variety of consumer networking products. It is impossible to test all possible scenarios.

It’s difficult to say using wifi is good or bad, because I think we’re headed in that direction regardless.

However, if you wouldn’t mind, I would like to get some info over to Qolsys so they can test and attempt to replicate. Would you mind letting us know your router model, and whatever model of additional access point the IQ2 may be using?


I’ll chime in here… Jason will probably agree that I have at times been very vocal about my frustrations with the IQ/IQ2 including many of the things you’ve noted - ancient android version, potential vulnerabilities, etc.

What I will impart on you is that I experienced horrendous issues with IQ2 stability and wifi connectivity - almost bad enough for me to dump the whole platform - until earlier this year when I swapped out the IQ2 for the IQ Remote, which is essentially an updated version of the IQ2 that has a proper wall mount instead of the velcro.

Since that time I have had almost no trouble. I think every now and again I have to reboot one of the two IQ Remotes I have, but for the most part it’s been problem free with connectivity and stability.

There have been some issues with the screens coming on at random which is an issue in master bedroom in the middle of the night, I’m upgrading to 1.6 as we speak now that it allows for IQ2 and I’m hopeful that is fixed - or at least you can adjust brightness!

Anyway, what I’ve found after exhaustive efforts with Qolsys, 2Gig and GE/Simon, is that nobody has a foolproof and trouble free system.

Consider letting Qolsys help solve your issues as they did mine, consider swapping IQ2 for IQ Remote, and give it a try.

Hi everyone, my IQ2 panel (1st generation) has become completely dysfunctional and is displaying the android “bot” emoji character and prompting me to "type your password _______________ ". At the top of the screen it reads “<padlock symbol> Type password to decrypt storage”.

I don’t remember setting a password for the IQ2 or enabling encryption although it may have been set by the firmware. I am running 1.6.2 on the main IQ panel and compatible version (!.6?) on IQ2 which had run fine together until a few days ago. I have rebooted both panels. The IQ2 displays “Loading…” for a few seconds and always returns to the black screen with the prompt to type your password.

Any troubleshooting help is appreciated!

I have not heard of this as an error, I am forwarding to Qolsys for troubleshooting steps.

Did this occur in response to work being done on the system? Did it occur after a power cycle? Or did it occur during normal use?

I haven’t made any changes to the system lately. I don’t know when this occurred or what triggered it but one day I noticed the IQ2 was unresponsive to any alarm system functions. I just don’t know what to enter for a password and can’t find any other key combinations that will solve this. Thanks for checking with Qolsys.

hmm, well this is not a known issue according to Qolsys, and aside from a factory reset, there would likely not be further troubleshooting that can be done on your end.

It doesn’t look like this is regarding a suretyDIY subscription, nor does it appear that the IQ2 was purchased from us, is that correct? If so you will want to contact the retailer you’ve purchased it from regarding options.

OK, I’m set up with a tech support appointment with my provider (who had never seen this problem either) and Qolsys. Thanks for checking! Hopefully they can do a firmware reset of some kind. I’ve purchased from SuretyDIY before but the IQ2 wasn’t available at the time. I’ll let you know if it can be fixed.