IQ2 Panel Remote Power

I am replacing three old security panels with the IQ2 panels and trying to figure out how to power them. There are no outlets near the locations. I am thinking of buying a 5V power supply and placing it at the primary panel and power the IQ2 panels over the existing wiring from the old panels.

Thoughts? ideas?

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That probably will not work unless the wire runs are pretty short. Power drop becomes a big issue at 5V.

The IQ2 unfortunately was not designed as an effective replacement for existing wired keypads. A while back I was told a different secondary keypad was being designed from the ground up for Qolsys. I have not yet heard any updates on it but I will follow up.

Would love to see a wired keypad for Qolsys, something simpler and cheaper than the IQ2 but a bit more refined than the resolution products black keypad thing (I can’t put that on my wall).

Would love to see a wired keypad for Qolsys

There are no data terminals on the IQ, so this is unlikely. Any future keypad options would almost certainly be wireless as well. We will suggest to Qolsys that users are requesting something in between the two mentioned.

Maybe a wireless keypad that has 12v power then.

Maybe a wireless keypad that has 12v power then.

12vdc output? Or 12vdc input power instead of 5? I’m with you there.

12vdc input. I just hate changing batteries more than is necessary :slight_smile:

The 5 vdc input is a charging circuit with a wall transformer. The IQ2 battery is a recharging tablet battery.

I’m for 12vdc so that longer power runs are possible. 5vdc needs to pretty much be no further length than the supplied power cable.