IQ2 multiple econdary panels, disable voice on one?

I have an IQ2 secondary panel that is close enough to the main panel that we hear sensor announcements on both panels. Is it possible to disable sensor voice announcements only on a specific secondary panel? And if it is, does this also disable sensor announcements when an alarm is triggered?

Ultimately what I would like is to have door chimes on all panels, and have sensor voice announcements on all but one secondary panels under normal conditions. If an alarm is triggered I want all panels to announce the sensor. But I do not need redundant sensor announcements on one specific secondary panel when a door is just normally opened or closed.

Is this possible with IQ2?


On the IQ Remote you can swipe down on the settings tray to access the device menu and there will be a volume slider which will affect all chimes and voice announcements but unfortuantely, you cannot turn off Voice announcements on a per secondary panel basis. At the secondary its all or nothing.

You can of couse choose to turn off chime or voice on a per sensor basis in main panel programming, but this would be a global change.