IQ2 download from main panel

Got the IQ2 last week. Very easy to set up. Problem that I am having is that it will state that it is downloading information from main panel. I then restarted it and all was fine. Same issue this morning.

any suggestions?

Is this a message that does not go away once it shows up? Does it completely interrupt function?

Can you tell me the firmware version of that IQ2?

Thanks for the quick reply. Once that message is there, it does not go away. At work right now, so do not have access to the firmware. Will forward that to you later today.

Again, it worked great for the first few days.



This may mean a couple things. Since it functioned properly for a short while I would lean toward it being a wifi issue. You may be having trouble getting a solid wifi signal at one of the panels. Temporarily, when the message shows up, can you move the further of the two closer to the router and see if the issue resolves after a short while?

If this is not the issue, can you try resetting data in the “More” menu and removing/relearning?

Fiddled with it and it now is working the software version is iq2-1.4

also, how do I edit sounds from the iq2?

spoke too soon it continues to state loading from main panel

Have you removed/reset data/re-added it to the panel?

yes. seems to be working. how do you turn the voice off on the IQ2??? every time a door opens it tells us.

Select “More” then “Settings” for voice/chime options.

will do I must not have scrolled up enough. I just went ahead and turned down the volume. when I get home, I will adjust. I decided also to set up the wifi to my extender which has a better signal in the bedroom. maybe that is why it was disconnecting?

It is possible if the wifi is being lost that message would appear. It is unable to actually communicate with the panel.

and thanks for the help