IQ2 Available?

Is the IQ2 Panel available? Are you selling them?

We currently do not have them in stock, but I believe they have been shipping in small quantities. I will put in a request with our team to get an idea of when we may have it available.

Has anyone set up an IQ2 and tried to update the software? I’m getting this message when trying to update: Failed - Control file is not available. Does this just mean that Qolsys hasn’t released any updates yet or is this an error that will keep preventing future updates? Thanks!

I am not aware of any updates available yet.

Thanks, I just wanted to make sure it WILL update when Qolsys releases one. Hopefully they will add more features to the IQ2 similar to what the main panel offers (camera shots on disarm, home device (z-wave) control, etc.

I’m getting the same error message when I try to do an update. I would think that it would try and communicate to see if a new version was available, just like the main IQ panel does. Instead, the error msg pops up immediately.

The response you are seeing on the IQ2 is normal and no update is available yet. Though one will be fairly soon which coincides with main IQ panel firmware 1.4.3.

I purchased a NEW IQ2 from you all and it shows its version as IQ2-1.4. However I have 2 other IQ2 panels that show IQ2-1.4. When I try to update it gives me the error described above. How do I update the old ones to match the new one?

The update process for an IQ2 can be found here.