IQ2 and Aeotec smart switch 6 notifications

I recently paired a Aeotec Smart Switch 6 to my IQ2 for controlling the Christmas lights.
The qolsys panels always seem to see these z-wave power switch devices as light switches. They still work as intended.

The smart switch 6 unit will go offline, and come back online, that is ok as I have another one doing the same thing in the garage but that is an older gen.
The issue is every time it does I and several other people in the house will get a push notification for it.
Is there a way to turn off this push notification for the smart switch 6? Ive looked everywhere and there is no setting for it. Is it because it’s a new gen and they support notifications?

I guess I should solve the reason why it goes offline/online frequently, but I have found these have very temperamental range even with a good path.

Z-wave device malfunction notifications are covered under the general System Actions to Watch notification. You would need to disable the malfunction alerts in that notification, which are global.

It may be necessary to move or add a repeater closer to that node.