IQ PinPad - Keypad or Keyfob?

I am hoping someone can help me. I have added a Qolsys IQ PinPad to our system and have had an issue with it reporting a malfunction on a daily basis. Setting the alarm/disarming it from the PinPad clears the malfunction but then it happens again the next day. It doesn’t stop the PinPad/system from working but is annoying to get alerts every day that there is an issue. I tried a replacement PinPad with exactly the same results, and even tried keeping the PinPad right next to the main panel to check there was no issue with signal strength interference, but got exactly the same results.

A few days ago I changed the type of sensor I had registered the PinPad on the panel as, from Keypad to KeyFob, just to see if it would work/make a difference. The PinPad works as it should and since then I have had no reports of a malfunction so it would seem to have solved the issue.

Can someone advise if this is a suitable workaround/solution? Is Keyfob actually the right type of sensor for the PinPad to be registered as in the system?

Thanks in advance.

The PinPad should be programmed as a keyfob. OEM instructions.

It does not maintain any sort of supervisory signals so as a keypad your panel keeps thinking the PinPad has lost communication.

Thank you Jason! I missed that part of the manual and my alarm provider didn’t mention that when troubleshooting.

Love the forum BTW - keep up the good work!

Thank you. Keep us in mind if you get the itch to switch.