Iq panel displaying powerg siren

Hey guys while I was working on the system I delated the outdoor siren so that the indoor siren would sound an not the outdoor 1 but now I programmed it back in the system displays not linked

Happy to assist! Commands have been sent to pull the most recent equipment list data. Currently seeing the PowerG Outdoor Siren on your equipment list.

Are you still seeing this message at the panel? If so, can you take a picture of the error message?

Wondering do I need to tamper the siren for it to clear

What is the result when you run a PowerG test? (Settings > Advanced Settings > Installer Code > System Tests > PowerG Test)

I’m actual not that now I prob be back out there until Saturday with it saying offline will this effect its arming or anything if it will can u delate it for now and I can reprogram it back in

It shouldn’t affect the arming but you might see the trouble notice when you use the app and website.

Ok just wasn’t sure later today I’ll mom run a powerg test on the panel see what it comes back only thing I can think of is I might need to tamper the device cause where the siren is installed prob 10 feet away if not less from the pretty much on the other side of the wall cause the panel is right by the front door and siren is on the front part of the house

Update I’ll be out there today after work I’ll try couple things powerg test and tampering the siren and I also have a battery coming today to fix that low battery issue

Great news the Powerg siren is back online and working I just had to Tamper it and then the powerg test worked