IQ Fob - Arm only Stay mode?

Is there any way to force an IQ Fob to only arm the IQ Panel 2+ in “Stay Mode”? I realize that pushing the lock button once is “stay mode”, and twice is “away mode”. We have a house sitter who we let use our Key Fob, our system has motion detectors and we have a 65# dog in the house. Just trying to figure out a way that the house sitter won’t accidentally put the system in “Away mode” which leaves the motion sensors active and then the dog will subsequently trigger the alarm. Ideally looking to see if there is a way for the IQ Key Fob to only trigger Stay Mode… or some way to permanently bypass the motion sensors in “Away Mode”.

Only way you can set it from stay would be arm it at the panel and if u want to leave press quick exit which gives u time to leave or u can delete the motion detectors all together me depending on the size the dog I place the motion about 4ft off the ground and upside down or just replace them with glass breaks if ur windows have sensors on them as well so no matter what happens if someone tries to break in the alarm goes off either way

You would not be able to block the Arm Away function of the keyfob individually.

This may be better achieved by having them arm at the panel, as you can set Auto-Stay enabled on the panel as a safety net.

What Auto-Stay does is if someone arms away at the panel but no Entry Door is opened during the countdown (implying that someone left) then the panel reverts to Stay arming mode instead.

Auto-Stay does not work for keyfob arming.

You can find Auto-Stay under Advanced Settings > Installation > Security and Arming.

Another option when may be better would be to use notifications and remote access. You could set up notifications for just when the system is armed away, and if it happens you could disarm remotely and arm stay instead.

Find this under Notifications > Add New Notification > Arming Event