IQ 4 Initial Install - "System settings download unsuccessful, please try again."

New IQ4 fails comms tests. “System settings download unsuccessful, please try again.”

x4 - obviously I can keep trying but either the comms are not working right now or something else is amiss.

Can you guys check to see if you see the new panel communicating on the backend at all?



It looks like you have not activated the related subscription yet. Communication will fail until there is an account to connect to.

Visit the system manager here to submit your activation form and complete activation of the system.

Thanks, Jason. Comms are solid.

new issue.

I’ve one sensor that already had the battery tab pulled, the box did not contain any 3M tape strips, and it will not learn into the panel (possibly installed before and returned?).

Is there a way to test if the sensor or should I just try to exchange?

Happy to take a look into this, I have sent a PM to get the process started