IQ 16 Hardwire interface


I am in the market for home security system. My question to you is if I purchase the Qolsys IQ touch panel and IQ 16 hardwire kit , which alarm monitoring company can I use it with ? and what comes included in the IQ touch panel kit you provide ?
I am considering front point security and monitoring . if I purchase the equipment supplied by front point (IQ touch panel alarm kit ) would I be able to use the IQ 16 hardwire interface and other wireless devices supplied by you ?

Well you’ve come to the right place!

You can use any equipment purchased through suretyDIY with any other alarm monitoring company. Any equipment that you have already purchased can be used through suretyDIY, provided it isn’t a locked module.

All of our products come al la carte. The Qolsys IQ panel comes with a 1-year warranty and power supply.

While I can’t speak to the other companies policies, there should be no problem integrating your existing hardwired sensors to the Qolsys panel with the Hardwire 16.(Qolsys panel will require RFPIC 7 or later) Any other sensors/products purchased through us should work with the Qolsys panel provided they are compatible.

That being said, we obviously think our monitoring service is worth checking out! :wink: Information on prices and features of our packages are shown here.