iPhone App not showing HD100

I have an issue with one of my cameras. It is an HD-100, and it’s the only HD-100 that I have. The other 3 are a different model. As of last night, I can’t view this one camera on my iphone app, but the other 3 work just fine. When I log into ADC on my computer, I AM able to to watch this camera, and it is functioning normally.

When you say you cannot view it, does the video feed time out and remain blank or does that camera not show up in the app?

Has your OS or App updated recently? Is this a new phone or the same you’ve been using? Are there any mobile devices which can successfully view the camera?

It looks like a firmware update was recently released for HD100s as well. It has been sent to the camera. Any change?

It times out. I get a message that says “unable to connect to camera” and it lists 3 items to check, like making sure it’s plugged in, light is solid green, etc.

I did unplug the camera from power for about half an hour this morning and still the same thing. Able to view it on a computer, but not on the iphone. It has a solid green light, and is connected to my network. I also turned the wifi off on my phone, and tried to view the cam through cel svc, but it’s still the same error msg.

Just checked again. Same problem as of 12:11pm MST. Firmware version is currently 1308221.

Have you tried to view the camera on any other mobile devices?

Also, can you log out and log back into the app and check?

Ios is 8.4.1 and has been for a couple of months now. Searched through my apps that were updated since 9/1 and the ADC app hasn’t been updated since then. Same phone for the past year. I went to the ADC site using the safari app on my phone. My other 3 cameras show up fine, the HD-100 doesn’t. I can see the HD-100 on my computer when I use firefox and internet explorer.

Seems that this one camera has decided to not like Apple!

logged out, closed the app, logged in again. Same thing.

What should the FW version for this camera be?

You should have the latest FW now, update looks like it was sent successfully about 45 minutes ago.

Would you mind deleting and re-adding the HD-100? Unfortunately with it being a 2GIG camera there are some diagnostics we can’t see versus the V520IR. I’d like to see if it is the App/OS entirely or if the camera response to requests is causing an issue.

Hi Jason,
I deleted the camera, then tried several times to add it back on through wifi and it wouldn’t connect. I then tried it through an ethernet cable. It took 5 or 6 tries, and it finally added the camera back in. I’m now able to see it on my iphone ADC app. Looks like everything is working now. I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know if it drops out again.

Thanks for the help!