iPhone app issues

How come iPhone app keeps crashing. I’m using iPhone 6s Plus running ios ver 9.1.

When did this start happening? Are you noticing issues with other Apps?

I would recommend uninstalling the App, then re-installing on your device. Does this resolve the issue?

This only happens on my 6s plus. My other family members are using othe iPhone device with no problem. Tried reinstalling but same problem still exist.

I am waiting to hear back whether there are any other reports on this from Alarm.com. I haven’t heard of another case yet.

When it crashes, is there any specific error message? Does the app freeze? Does it close out automatically?

Actually, looks like a new version of the app is available now. Can you try updating and see if that resolves?

The app was simply shutting down after initiating the biometric thumb print. I tried tapping cancel so I could type in my passcode but got the same result. I went to the App Store and did not see any new updates, however, I did noticed that the app would not open I my phone (sinning clock indicating that it was trying to do something). I eventually killed the app and today it seems to be working seamlessly. The only difference is that it no longer ask for a thumb print or a passcode.

Thank you for updating. I’ll forward to ADC so they can look into the issue further.

My girlfriend has had some recent instability issues with her iPhone 6 and the ADC app; it locks up on her and becomes unresponsive. Myself on the other hand, have not had any trouble on my iPhone 6S.

A new update for the IOS app was made available in the last week or so. Have you tried updating the 6?