IP Cameras and Alarm.com

We have some IP Cameras and I’m wondering if there is any way to get them on to Alarm.com without having to replace all of our existing cameras.

Looked into the analog converter, but we aren’t using analog cameras.

Only Alarm.com or 2GIG cameras will work with Alarm.com. What kind (make/model) of IP cameras and DVR do you have? Sometimes IP cameras or DVR’s will have an analog video output that you can feed into the Alarm.com analog video servers but doing that is almost as expensive as replacing them with actual Alarm.com high-definition cameras.

They are all Axis cameras. One is one with just video recording and the other has video and voice recording capabilities.

If you would like to switch to Alarm.com video recording, it would be best to replace the cameras with Alarm.com cameras. The cameras would require Alarm.com firmware or the capability of using the Alarm.com video servers but it would likely not be cost effective to do so.

Axis makes some pretty good cameras. Do you have another way of utilizing those cameras?

Keep in mind the SVR and the base level of Alarm.com video service are limited to 4 Alarm.com cameras. If the space requires more cameras than that, you would need additional SVRs or you could utilize both systems.

Thanks for the responses. We are contemplating going the route of Alarm.com cameras once we have the system up and running 100%.