Invalid phone message

I received today a message saying my phone number for SMS was invalid.

The message shows my phone number is from AT&T and I think this is the problem. I ported my number to Google Voice, so maybe you have to update this information. I tried doing so myself in your website but wasn’t able.

Are you referring to notifications? The provider is important for a couple reasons, so this definitely could be causing an issue.

If you need to quickly regain notifications, I would recommend turning on Push Notifications on your device App and setting up your notifications to be sent that way.

I will notify for suggestions on how to fix the SMS error.

Hey, thanks for the quick reply. But actually I have everything okay in already. The message came straight from SuretyDIY and it asked me to go to its website to fix it. Here is the message:

From: suretyCAM security and automation <> via
Subject: Invalid Email Address in Your suretyCAM Address Book
This message is to notify you that REMOVED BY ADMINISTRATOR has an invalid address (SMS: REMOVED BY ADMINISTRATOR [AT&T]) in your suretyCAM address book. Please log in at to update their email.

suretyCAM Customer Support

It can be a bit tricky, as many ADC providers do not highlight their use of But sends messages branded with the dealer’s information. Emails from and anything that says it was sent “via” is an automated email from Logging in at or gets you logged into your ADC powered account through suretyDIY, rather than logging in to to update billing information.

If you log into your account and select the users tab, then edit your user ID, you will see the contact address for SMS messages shows as invalid. This is the source of the email. I am awaiting word from ADC on the Google Voice issue and if there is a known issue or workaround. currently does not have the option to select Google Voice as a provider for SMS notifications. When this is the case, it is recommended to set up an email-to-text notification. If through Google Voice you are able to text an email address, you could attempt entering the “sender” email address as an email notification on your account.

Oh yeah. I see it now. Thanks a lot guys!