Introducing an HD100 Camera to 2Gig System -- Missing "Video" tab in

Hi guys – attempting to introduce an HD100 camera to our 2GIG system, however our admin panel does not have the “video” tab referenced in the manufacturer’s instructions and your how-to videos. The settings within this page allows us to select and configure the camera, but without access to the tab, I can’t complete the add.

Is this something that you guys need to enable for specific accounts, or am I missing something?


You need to add the video package to your plan

Video Surveillance is only $5/month when added to DIY Interactive service. Includes initial 50MB of storage/month and 256mb total upload limit

Thanks for the quick reply! Is there a way for me to add this service via today (Sunday)? or will I need to wait until normal business hours?


Normally this is something our customer service team would assist with and they do not work on Sundays, but if you email with this request and the name on your account, I can get it added for you today.