Intermatic HA01 - Zwave interference

Recently installed a 2Gig / ADC system and wanted it to work with all my pre-existing zwave devices (Trane Thermostat, GE, Levitron Switches. Schlegel Locks)

None of my previous zwave devices would pair. Installed repeaters incase signal wasn’t strong enough. Still no go…

What I discovered is the 10 Intermatice HA01 Zwave/X10 outlets interfered with the 2Gig panel. Once I removed them the Trane and GE Switches paired imeediately. Hoping this helps someone else who may be frustrated with not being able to get zwave to pair on a 2Gig panel.

That’s odd. Those are just plain old Z-Wave switches aren’t they? If so, they should pair with 2GIG easily.

Most often when Z-Wave devices won’t pair with a controller it’s because they are still enrolled with another Z-Wave controller. Z-Wave devices can only be included in 1 Z-Wave network at a time. Did you have all these Z-Wave devices paired with another controller before trying to pair them with 2GIG? Did you un-pair them (remove from network) before trying to pair them with 2GIG?

If the Intermatic HA01 switches really are interfering with the rest of your 2GIG Z-Wave network then it might be just 1 of them that’s gone rouge and it transmitting constantly for some reason and blocking the wireless channel.

I believe one or several of the outlets might have gone rogue. They were not listed as approved so I removed and everything started working.

I still have other Levitron and Intermatice dimmer / switches and plan to replace with GE to resolve. I have tried removing / adding all to no avail.