Interlogix NX-8e 4G Upgrade

I was looking to upgrade my Interlogix NX-8e panel from 3G to 4G.

Do you know what difference is between the following two modules I’ve found for sale? Which would you recommend I purchase?

NX-410-US-VZ-LTEUP - NX Dual-Path LTE Module (Verizon)
NX-410-US-VZ - NX LTE Module and Gateway Kit (Verizon)


I did some more research and I believe the ‘LTEUP’ module is just the LTE communication module and does not include the NX-592E Bus/Gateway module.

If that is the case can I assume that I can purchase the ‘LTEUP’ module and upgrade my NX-592E-CDMA-ZX-VZ with the new LTE communication module?

Thanks for the help!

They are the same module. The NX-410-US-VZ-LTEUP is an internal part number that is meant for dealers as part of a 4G LTE update program. Both are NX-410-US-VZ modules.

Interlogix had their own part numbers, like the NX-592E and has theirs, like the NX-410 which can be confusing.