Integrate 2GIG cellular monitoring into a Vista-20P system

Have a three level 3600 ft.sq. home with a Vista 20P control panel and both wired and wireless sensors. Desire to move from wired internet monitoring via Next Alarm to to cellular monitoring, so that I don’t need to maintain internet when away for prolonged periods. Is this possible, and if so can someone point me in the right direction? If not, I’ll just go wireless likely with 2GIG but open to other systems (e.g. FrontGate, etc). Thanks.

There are a few ways to integrate existing systems with 2gig.

For hardwired sensors, the process is described in this post along with the options you would have.

You would need one takeover module (Either 2Gig or Resolution Products) per 8 wired zones, a 2Gig panel and a cell module.

2Gig is also compatible with Honeywell 5800 series wireless sensors, so any wireless sensors with your Vista are likely compatible out of the gate.

Thanks Jason.

Ordered the appropriate bits and trying to complete the system configuration form.

Have 9 zones, 8 hardwired to Vista 20P including two wired smoke detectors, and three wireless glass break sensors wireless -> one wired zone via wireless module.

Plan to wire the existing wired zones to the Takeover Module, except for smoke detectors which I gather aren’t supported. I will replace these with wireless 2Gig modules.

Is this correct procedure?

Here’s an option for your smoke alarms; it basically “listens” for the sound of the other alarms and relays it to the 2GIG system:

It sounds like you have it. You are correct, the wired low voltage smokes would not function on the takeover module.

What is the model of wireless Glass Break? Those will likely just be able to be directly learned into the panel.

@Wilbur - thanks, I did see that but decided to opt for new smoke detectors. @Jason - They are 5800 series Honeywells.

Another question: I just realized I can purchase a cellular module for the Vista20P as well. Is this compatible with your home monitoring service via, or is it preferable to go the route I’m going.

No, the Vista 20P is not compatible.

Panels that are compatible: (these have cell modules)
2gig Go!Control
DSC Impassa
Interlogix Concord
Interlogix NX
Interlogix Simon 3
Interlogix Simon XT
Interlogix Simon XTi
Qolsys IQ Panel