Installing Wired Garage Sensor

I tried searching, but could not find installation instructions. Do you know where I can find instructions on how to properly install the RE201 + 4532L Garage Contact?

Certainly! The Wired garage contact lead wires will connect to the terminals labeled “A” and “GND.” There is no polarity to follow, just one wire in each.

The RE201 acts as the wireless transmitter for the wired sensor. The “A” and “GND” terminals use Loop 1 for the sensor. The 4532L magnet gets installed on the door where desired, and the 4532L switch is mounted lined up with the magnet. The RE201 is then mounted nearby on the wall. This thread has example images.

In System Configuration, find the first unused sensor zone:

RF Sensor Type: (2) Entry Exit or (23) No Response Type ***see below
RF Sensor Equipment Code: Existing Door/Window
RF Sensor Serial Number: Shift – Learn – Trip Sensor
RF Sensor Equipment Age: New
RF Sensor Loop Number: 1
RF Sensor Dialer Delay: Disabled
RF Sensor Voice Descriptor: As desired
RF Sensor Reports: Enabled
RF Sensor Supervised: Enabled
RF Sensor Chime: As desired, can be changed out of programming

The RF Sensor Type should be chosen depending on whether you want it to actually set off alarms. We typically recommend them used as notification sensors only, which would be (23) No Response Type. If you want it to be a sensor which can activate an alarm, Entry Exit 2 is best as you can then program Q7 in configuration to be up to 4 minutes for entry delay (think of how long it typically takes to park and disarm, etc.)