Installing GoControl Z-wave Dimmers - Minimote Required?

I’m planning to install a bunch of GoControl Z-wave dimmers (WD500Z-1 and WT00Z-1). To associate the WT accessory switches to control the WD load switches, will I need a MiniMote? I’m planning to have a Qolsys IQ2 panel if that matters.

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I haven’t tested the association feature in the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Z-wave setup menu yet with that model, but I am told by Qolsys that they have tested in the past and you should be able to use the built in Association feature.

Thanks Jason. I just heard back from Qolsys and they confirmed that it can be associated from the panel without a minimote.

I’m looking to do the same thing with associating 2 switches - one is the Cooper RF9540 and the other is the accessory switch along with the IQ 2 Plus.

I’m able to associate the “accessory” (secondary) switch to the main switch. But, unfortunately I haven’t found a way to associate the main switch with the accessory. It simply shows that no groups exist for any of the lights I have on my system. This has resulted in everything partially working - accessory switch will turn on the light, but it’s not notified when the light is turned off from the other switch, so sometimes it takes two taps to turn the light on.

Is there a trick to associate a recognized ‘light’ switch with an accessory switch?


There is no reverse associate that needs to be done. Accessory switches are associated with their corresponding load bearing switch.

The accessory switch may have a polling ability which is either turned off, or is set to occur at a wide interval. How long have you waited after manually adjusting the light with the main switch to see if the accessory switch updated?

Try giving it 30 minutes and come back. Does the accessory switch know the status and just take one tap to adjust it?

Thank you! This was a case of just requiring some patience! It is working correctly now. I didn’t even think of the wait time for everything to update.