Installer toolbox code...

Sorry to bother you but I am able to get into Menu->toolbox with a code I have but I am not able to get into Installer toolbox with any code, even with default 1111 or 1561. I am trying to change a wireless card to 3G and add a sensor.
Any idea what that default code can be or how to reset it.
This is for 2Gig panel that was installed back in 2012.

We’re happy to help! If you’ve forgotten your installer code we can default it for you remotely. Please wait five minutes for the command to take effect, then try code 1561.

Make sure to email with your new module ID number once you are ready to connect it to service.

thank you so much. all good now

after flashing the main 2Gig unit, I am correct that I also need to flash firmware on the 2GIG TS1 unit?

Yes, if you’ve flashed the 2GIG CP with 1.13 for example, you would want to use the 1.13 TS1 file to flash the TS1. Make sure to follow the pdf instructions. TS1 updates are a little trickier and it’s recommended to read through fully before starting.

Take note to have the cable in the correct up/down orientation for the slotted side when inserting the four pin connector in the TS1.