Information about and SVR

Do you sell the server? and can you confirm that pricing is about $100 per camera per server, so a server for an 8 camera system would be $800?


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We do not stock the ADC-SVR100 Stream Video Recorder, however they can be obtained from a variety of online vendors. As we do not stock or sell the SVR we cannot speak to the pricing from another vendor.

Please note, the Cloud Video Level 2 add on would need to be obtained, to support 8 cameras, as well as two levels of the SVR add on (one for each SVR in use). Pricing on add-ons can be found here.

Tyler, with the SVR supporting 8 cameras each, why would 2 svr charges be required? I’m considering adding one so this is relevant to me as well…

You are correct, you would only need one SVR for 8 cameras with the latest versions of the SVR firmware. 8 channels are supported.

Earlier versions of the SVR only supported 4 channels.