Individual outlet "Power failure" sensor available?

Are sensors available that report an AC power failure for an individual power outlet it is plugged into? Maybe through Z-Wave automation?
I have found a number of DIY projects that turn a door/window sensor into such a device by replacing the magnet with an inductor powered by the outlet. Once power goes out, the door sensor report an open - if power comes back, the sensor reports a close.

Does something like this exist as a product? I’m interested in monitoring important outlets for e.g. a refrigerator or the heating system.

There is no sensor that is by design made for this that I am aware of which would be compatible, but it would be easy to achieve by a cheap 12V relay, a 12VDC plug in power supply, and a door sensor with a wired input.

You would power the relay with the fridge circuit, for example, and connect the sensor to the normally closed relay output, then if the circuit goes down the sensor opens.

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Thanks, Jason!