In wall z-wave outlet with energy monitoring

I’m looking for in wall zwave outlet that will do energy monitoring of device plug in and will be compatible with and iq2+.

I don’t care if it’s on the list of compatible devices. I just want to know what people use that works.m works with both.

I have quite a few zooz zwave switches that are not on any Compatibility list and they are fully compatible and working Just fine with

Any suggestions are welcome.

I cant really recommend any Energy Management devices not tested as compatible through

That being said, most binary Z-Wave devices should work, regardless of whether or not they are tested compatible by Qolsys and/or

Once you start getting into Locks and energy monitoring, that can change. At the very least you will want to make sure whatever you buy can be returned, in the event it does not work with

@tyler thanks Tyler

I was looking into this a while back, I do know that these z-wave Aeotec outlet/switches have energy monitoring built in

and they are compatible with the IQ2 panel

Not sure how it will be behave on the side though. I wonder if they will show up on the energy tab?

@xeon have you try one? I wonder how they appear and if they are compatible with

I don’t have one to try. I have the Aeotec Home Energy Monitor, which does show up on the energy tab on I’m sure someone on this forum, Surety included, can answer this question. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do work.

The Aeotec Smart Switch 6 is a plug in module (not in wall) and it does work with ADC with regards to energy management (provided your account has the energy management add on). It measures energy usage of whatever is plugged into it and also has a visual LED indicator of usage.

So I got this guy off for $37. I have other zooz zwave devices and they all work great so why not. Works like a charm with iq2+ and

I use it for my dehumidifier.