Image Sensors and Cameras to add

When I go to add image sensor i go to add image sensor and it redirects me to the ADC ticket page. I do not have an option to add. I have 3 cameras i am trying to add. Please help

Image Sensors are installed locally and programmed into your control panel, not through the interface (unlike video cameras).

See this video for a tutorial on how to set them up.

You’ll need the XCVR2 and firmware 1.10 or later

Program an IS (2GIG )
Note- if you currently have a GoBridge, you can only install two Image Sensors.

Hit logo, bottom right screen corner
Enter Installer code
system config

Right arrow till you see empty line
Hit down arrow
Change (00) unused to (04) Interior follower
Down arrow
Change to (2) motion
Down arrow
Enter (9999) Image Sensor
Down arrow
Learn (on serial screen hit shift, then learn)
(put batteries in IS, if learn fails, hit learn again, use toothpick to reset
Down arrow
Equip age (0) new
Down arrow
Loop (1) 1
Down arrow
Dialer delay (0) disabled
Down arrow
Enter voice descripter
Down arrow
Reports (1)enabled
Down arrow
Supervised (1)enabled
Down arrow
Chime (00)disabled