Image Sensor vs PIR1-345

Can an image sensor replace a standard PIR in the same spot? Are there any functional differences in the PIR detection of the Image Sensor?

There will be slight functional and range capability differences from one Motion Detector to another.

For example:

Field of view listed for the Image Sensor is 35’x 40’ and the field of view listed for the PIR1-345 is 30’x 50’

The PIR1-345 comes with a mounting arm which allows a wide variety of angles, while the Image Sensor has a few positions.

The Image Sensor does not have separate pet immunity levels, it offers up to 40lbs at low sensitivity setting. The PIR1-345 offers 33lb or 55lb settings. (Other detectors may offer higher pet immunity settings, such as the RE210P.)

The Image Sensor of course offers a great benefit in photos taken during alarms and other rule-dependent events. Both detectors will function as a PIR equally in most circumstances.

Always check the device manual and specifications and make sure to test any motion detector installed to verify it covers the area you intend.

Can you manually have an image sensor take a picture or is only activated with motion?

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There is a peek-in function to manually request an image, yes.