Image Sensor uses

I am curious - what does everyone use their image sensors for?

I understand that it can take a shot when motion is detected or when a sensor is tripped, but has anyone done anything creative with them? I really dont care about the obvious function as much so I am trying to justify buying one lol.

Its like a 2-in 1 sensor…a PIR motion and night vision infared camera.

The awesome thing about these, is you can see what activated the motion…and its a neat way to add video/camera capability to a 2GIG system without the additional cost of adding an ADC video package…

You can set it for rule snapshots, daily snapshots, on demand “peak ins”, etc.

I use both Image sensors and cameras (v520ir and v610pt)

IS images:

Night vision:

I used one at a trade show earlier this year so I could peek in from home and make sure our rep was there the whole time and talking to potential customers. I didn’t even have to pay for the exorbitant trade show WIFI because the image sensor uploads through the cellular connection.

We have a real estate company using them to watch their vacant properties. When a contractor comes in or an agent show a property they get a snapshot to make sure the person who entered is the right person. That only works if the image sensor is mounted near the door though because the image resolution is pretty low.