Image Sensor Rules

I am just looking at the rule for taking an image after a disarm from away. Is there a way I can set it to just take 1 image from the 1st motion detector that goes off? I have 3 motion detectors and after a disarm from away it takes one with all 3. I’d really just like the 1st one.

The intention of the rule is exactly what you have requested. When any of the image sensors detect motion, that first motion event is what should be captured. Is this not happening? Are all three capturing an image every time?

Regardless, an easy way to avoid using up your quota is to choose to not automatically upload the captured images and instead keep them on demand. The wording on some of the image sensor rules is a bit strange, and could be clearer. Basically, selecting users via the check boxes next to their names does not cause a capture, but causes captures based on that user disarming the system to automatically upload. You can instead uncheck the boxes to still capture the image, but then choose which ones to upload for view after the fact.