Image sensor not activating, another randomly going off

I walked in front of it this morning to try and set it off after I alarmed the system for away and nothing happened. I then walked downstairs and was able to set off the faulty sensor immediately with my presence. Then set house for away and even with both image sensors set to normal, the basement sensor (faulty one moved from Family Room) went off on its own. The Monitoring America are sadly getting to know me well now. I currently have to alarm my house to Stay so it doesn’t go off. Frustrating!

At this point I would suggest turning the image sensor that is false alarming into a non-reporting sensor. If you have other motion detectors that you want to use this is the best short-term solution beyond replacing the sensor entirely. You’ll want to change the sensor type to “no response” (23)

You can then set up notifications to alert you when the basement image sensor is tripped. This will give you the ability to check for a pattern without getting numerous false alarms and calls.

Regarding the new motion, how long did you allow before walking past in an attempt to set it off after arming away? I would recommend arming the system, waiting about 5 minutes in a different room, then walking past the image sensor to test. (remember to turn off automatic uploads in ADC before hand, you can still see that the image was taken)