Image Sensor message on dashboard

I’m having issues auto learning my image sensors on my replacement panel. The first one was damaged & as such I was never able to unlearn my image sensors from the first panel. My replacement panel arrived & I have not been able to auto-learn an image sensor yet.

Anyway current status is replacement panel installed & all other sensors have been auto-learned to the panel except the image sensors. However on my dashboard at there’s a message at the top that says, “could not find this image sensor.” I’m guessing there is something I or my dealer did not setup properly when converting over to the replacement panel, with regards to my account.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

This is an IQ panel2 running 2.1 with a daughter card & 2 ADC-IS-300-LP image sensors.


Is this regarding a suretyDIY subscription?

If not, one thing to verify is that you have fully factory reset the Image Sensors in order to let them be paired with the new system. Image sensors use two way communication and pair with the panel themselves, rather than the panel just listening for a signal. You mention the old panel is damaged? If the old panel is still powered and communicating with the Image Sensors they will not be cleared from their prior network.

From the Image Sensor manual below:

“Insert a paperclip into the hole on the front of the sensor to access the reset button. Press
and hold for 3 seconds to power cycle the sensor. Press and hold a full 10 seconds until
the sensor LED flashes rapidly to reset the sensor and clear it from its network. The sensor must be reset prior to enrolling in a new network.
(Note: The sensor can only be cleared from its network using the reset button if it is
currently not communicating with its network. If the sensor is still communicating with its
network, clear sensor by deleting it from the system it is enrolled in.)”