Image Sensor Loss of Supervision

Last night the Image Sensor I bought from you guys 1 month ago reported a loss of supervisions. I bypassed it last night when I armed the system and an hour ago it notified me again about the loss of supervision.

Nothing has changed in the house and it has been working fine for the past month. It is maybe 10 feet from the panel with direct line of sight.

PS It seems like there are a lot of these errors at the moment on the forum. Very odd. This is the first one of these we have had in the years with the system.

We’ve seen a significant increase in customer issues recently with both 2GIG image sensors and emPower automation rules. I have my theory as to what the problem is but I’d be doing everyone a disservice if I shared it publicly without further testing and confirmation. I’m trying to get to the bottom of it.

The recommended procedure for troubleshooting this is to delete the image sensor and then add it to the system again. The only way I’ve been shown to truly delete an image sensor from the system is for us to delete it remotely via May I send a command to delete your image sensor so that you can add it again?

If that doesn’t solve the problem then the next step is to replace the image sensor.

Yes, please delete the sensor. Also can you send me the recommended settings to use when I set it up again.

It’s been deleted. Re-add when ready.
2GIG Image Sensor Enrollment