Image Sensor False Tamper Alarm?

Had a false tamper alarm on one of our image sensors in the middle of the night while the system was armed away. We like to arm it away while we are in our bedroom for the night. This has never happened before, so I was wondering what some likely causes could be? Insect covering lens? Moth? Battery? Wind? It’s been mounted in the same fixed location for months, about 7 foot high in the corner of a sunroom. There was obviously no sun, and no abnormal temperature changes. Thx.

The image sensor will send a tamper alert when it’s moved based when the camera detects the entire picture has shifted. I’m not saying yours moved but that’s the difference between the image sensor and every other sensor when it comes to tamper alerts. I suppose an insect covering the lens could trick it into thinking it moved but I haven’t seen that happen before.

As Jason pointed out below it’s an accelerometer that detects tamper in the IS, not the camera image. I was mixing it up with ADC video cameras.

That’s weird. I know for sure it did not move at all. It was in a dark room. There is an air register beneath it, and a small valance curtain thing hanging above a window near that corner of the room. I suppose if the air vent blew the AC a certain way, maybe the curtain could have blown away from the wall and covered part of the lens? That, an insect, or a faulty tamper switch are the only guesses I have. But it sounds like these image sensors don’t even have a tamper switch?

No physical tamper switch no. Is the mounting arm loose at all? Vibration is enough to throw out a tamper. IS will tamper a lot say if you just set it on a shelf.

It is permanently mounted in the corner of a sunroom/office. It is on an exterior wall, and there was some measure of wind that night. I’m not sure if it was enough wind to throw a tamper alarm, but I don’t really have any other guesses. It has never done it before or since. Maybe an unexplainable glitch, or maybe the wind. I’ll just continue to monitor and see what happens.

Wind would be unlikely, unless something with mass struck the outer wall of the house. I’ve seen tampers when a door is nearby on the same wall and gets shut fairly hard.

It is a fairly sensitive function, if you notice it again I would recommend resetting the image sensor with a paperclip.

The battery life/signal strength look great for that sensor.

Also, the Image Sensor uses an Accelerometer to detect Tamper. Physical vibration will commonly set it off. Motion in the room not physically affecting it should not cause tamper.