if you have a ADC tstat check your config!

Winter is coming, check your units, check your tstats, make sure they are properly functioning.

If you have a HP, or AC unit, clean your Fan evaporator coil (you can buy the coil cleaner for $5 and Lowes/Home Depot), or alternatively, you can pay a HVAC company $200+ to clean the evap coil for you. (OR you can not clean it, have restricted airflow, high heating/cooling costs, and it may even cost you $2000-$10000 down the road to have it replaced).

I have the T2000 on an electric HP with stage 2 AUX/EM heat strips, and the settings in installer configuration are a PITA as they are inaccurate and vague.

Y stage 1 cool/heat
W stage 2 aux/em heat strips

Anyways, I have waited to the temp outside was 50° to test mine.

On ADC Installer
“heat pump stages” are described as cooling stages
“aux heat stages” are described as stages of heat

The way it was explained to me is if I have two stages of heat, then I would select two for “aux heat stages”, this is wrong.

Heat pump stages are BOTH stage 1 cooling AND heating stages
Aux heat stages are not the total heat stages, but only as it says, “AUX” stages of heat

So in my case, here is my correct HP stages config:

The way I verified it, is I pulled the disconnect on the outside HP, and timed the stage 2 aux activation.