Howa To Fix Out of Focus ADC-520IR

Hi All

I thought I would post a quick how to regarding an out of focus 520IR. I noticed one of my cameras was out of focus one day. I tried cleaning the lens, rebooting, removing and re-adding the camera to my account, but it was still blurry. Out of desperation I decided to take it apart and take a look. It’s a very simple process. I removed the power cable, antenna and the four small phillips screws - much easier than I thought it would be. I took a quick look and realized the lens had threads and proceeded to check if it would turn and it did! I plugged power back in and slightly turned the lens counter clockwise until everything came back in focus. A total of 5 minutes and it was as good as new!

P S - do not let a 2 year old throw the camera around like it’s a ball. That being said they are much tougher than I thought!

That’s interesting. 9/10times it’ll never be necessary though.

Why don’t you mount the V520IR camera?

I concur, but if it happened once it will happen to someone else. To answer your question - I was being lazy. Let’s just call it a lesson learned!