How to Update Payment Method for Your Surety Plan

Have an expired credit card on file? Need to update your payment? Here is information on how to make any needed updates to your monthly service payment method.

1. Once logged into your Surety Account at , click on "My Surety Account"

2. From there are a few ways to access your subscription and payment method, for now click on “Payment Methods”.

3. On , you will see what subscriptions are associated with each payment method on file. Click on the subscription you would like to update.

4. Under “Actions” click “Change payment”. If there are notices for your account, such as a 3G sunset reminder, they will be shown at top of this page, and you may need to scroll down to the see the Actions.

5. Scroll to the payment information found under the subscription details. You can choose from the payments on file. You can also add a new card by clicking “Use a new card”, or a new eCheck payment by clicking “eCheck”. Once selected, new fields will appear where you can enter your information. There is also an option that you can click if you would like all of your active subscriptions to be updated to use this new payment method.

6. When you have entered all of necessary information, click the “Change payment method” to save your update.

7. After clicking “Change payment method”, you’ll be taken back to your subscription detail view, where you will see a message confirming the update.