How to test a PIR1 and Image Sensor

What is the best way to test a PIR1 motion sensor? I put the unit in walk mode and walked around in the room where the sensor is located and it didn’t indicate the sensor was activated. I looked at the instruction manual and it says to put a magnet next to the arrow on the sensor and this will put the sensor in test mode. I did this and the red light does go on when I walk around the room. However, I would think the sensor should work with the walk mode shouldn’t it?

Same thing for the image sensor with the PIR motion. I tampered the sensor and the little LED goes on when I walk around the room until it is done with it’s test cycle. However, the sensor does not go off in walk mode.


This video shows the testing process and answers a few common questions about the PIR motion detectors.

How long do you wait for the motion detector to reset before testing it? It senses heat patterns and needs a couple of minutes to readjust before it will trigger off of your motion. I suggest leaving the room and waiting 2 minutes before testing the motion detector. That little idiosyncrasy of newer PIR motion detectors gets everyone the first time they install one. The sensor watches the heat pattern in the room for a minute or two so it knows what to expect in the “normal” case and then looks for changes to trigger an alarm. It helps prevent false alarms. Older PIR motion detectors didn’t have this issue but they created a lot more false alarms.

It sounds like both your 2GIG-PIR1-345 and your 2GIG-IMAGE1 are passing the walk tests. That’s great for testing that they are covering the areas you want from a PIR standpoint.

I find the easiest way to make sure they are signaling the control panel is to turn on voice chime for those sensors on the control panel, wait a few minutes before walking in front of the motion detectors, then walk in front of them and listen for the voice chime from the control panel. Don’t forget to turn off voice chime when you’re done or it will drive you crazy chiming when you walk by them later.

Security -> Menu -> Toolbox -> chimes setup

Another way to do it is to put the control panel in walk test mode, then go trigger all your sensors. Again, make sure you wait a few minutes away from the motion detectors before walking in front of them or they won’t trigger.

Security -> Menu -> Toolbox -> system test

This is a walk test for pir1 motions and image sensors set to interior follower