How to program an RE206 Garage Tilt Sensor

RE206 Garage Tilt Sensor

Sensor Type: (23) No Response Type
Equipment Type: (1) Contact
Equipment Code: (1061) GARAGE 01 Resolution Products Tilt Sensor
Serial Number: Press “Shift”, press “Learn” then tamper the tilt sensor by opening its cover.
Equipment Age: New
Loop: (2) for vertical mounting
Dialer Delay: Disabled
Voice Descriptor: Insert vocab using 2GIG codes found here
Reports: Enabled
Supervision: Enabled
Chime: (desired chime effect)

***Though it can be used as an alarm perimeter or entry/exit sensor, pay careful attention to the distance a garage door must travel before the RE206 sensor would tilt the necessary 40+ degrees. In some locations depending on the door, this distance could be 6-10 inches or possibly a few feet. Hardwired sensors and an RE201 or DW10 would typically be a better fit for use as an alarm reporting sensor.