How to program a 2GIG-DBELL1-345 wireless doorbell

2Gig Wireless Doorbell

Sensor Type: No Response Type
Equipment Type: Contact
Equipment Code: (1063) DBELL1 - 345 2GIG Doorbell
Equipment Age: New
Loop : (1)
Dialer Delay: Disabled
Sensor Name: Insert vocab using 2GIG codes found here
Reports: Enabled
Supervised: Enabled
Chime: (Desired chime option)

***See the video found here to put your doorbell to work as a possible verification method for alarms.

As a future wish list item, I would like to have 2 different chime sounds as I have a button on front and back doors. I know I can wait for the voice, but would still be nice…

That is easy to do. Once in programming as described above you have several options when you get to “Chime”. I’ve got the same chime sound on my back door and front because it sounds the most like a traditional doorbell to me, but I use a chime with voice to distinguish which has been activated. However, there are a number of different “ding-dong” and “chime” options with and without voice to choose from.