How to increase sensor monitoring above 50 Max?

I noticed that one of my notifications was missing the sensor. I went to devices and noticed that sensor was unchecked for monitoring. I went to enable it and it gives me an error that I’ve reached my maximum 50 sensor monitoring and to basically contact you guys on how to modify the plan to monitor more than the 50.

" Your service plan allows Sensor Activity Monitoring for up to 50 sensors. Please contact us to add more."

Where to I go to increase that limit? Thanks.

Typically 50 ends up being enough but if you have over 50 sensors you want to use activity monitoring for we can enable it as an add-on by request. Send us a private message to request.

In this case it looks like there may be a related support ticket from your account already. Our team will send details shortly.

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Your team got me all squared away, thanks for the help! Looking forward to the functionality to add more in system manger in the near future.