How to get started using Surety with a Qolsys IQ Panel 4

Getting Started

Surety provides service for compatible alarm systems, including the Qolsys IQ Panel 4.

With an unregistered, compatible, 4G LTE module you would only need to activate your system by purchasing a service plan and following our setup steps. This process can take as little as 5 minutes!

If you already have an unregistered panel, Click here to get started!

If you are looking to obtain an IQ Panel 4

IQ Panel 4 w/319.5MHz Verizon Qolsys, GE compatible

IQ Panel 4 w/345MHz Verizon 2GIG, Honeywell compatible

Connecting the panel to service

Once you have the panel, you will need to get it connected to service to begin monitoring. There are a couple ways to do this through Surety:

  • Starting new Service with Surety
  • Switching to the IQ Panel 4 on an existing account through Surety

New Service Account

If you are starting from scratch, purchase the service plan that best suits your needs.

Once you have a service plan, and are ready to activate, you will login to your Surety account, access System Manager. The website will walk you through creating your new account and connecting the panel to service.

Switching panels on an existing account

If you already have service through Surety, you can swap the panels on your existing account, rather than create a new one. To do this, simply login to your Surety account, access the System Manager feature, and in the module swap field, enter the new IQ Panel 4s 15-digit IMEI number.

Note: Currently it is not possible to backup/restore settings from a different panel to the IQ Panel 4, so all sensor programming will need to be done manually (see below for steps).


If you run through the Qolsys panel’s built in Installation Wizard before connecting the panel to service, you may run into a few minor issues:

  • System is unable to download update from the Cloud (firmware update)
  • Cellular communication issues (failure)
  • Panel will require you to enter dealer information when trying to access Installation

You will need to connect the panel to service ( beforehand to resolve these issues.

Additionally, on occassion the system will not be able to connect to the cellular network if the panel has been connected to local wi-fi before running the initial cell test. Should you run into this error, simply disable wi-fi at the panel, connect the panel to the account and run a cell test. After the panel has been connected to successfully, you can re-enable wi-fi.

Programming the System

Sensor programming with the IQ Panel 4 is a simple and straightforward process. The below guides cover the most common sensor types.

Additionally, a copy of the IQ Panel 4 Installation Manual can be found here.

DSC PowerG

319.5 MHz Qolsys/GE

345MHz legacy 2GIG/Honeywell

Sensor Group choices along with descriptors of what each Group type does:

Similarly, Z-Wave devices can be cleared and added directly from the IQ Panel 4

Additionally, the below guide is a great resource if you are looking to setup a Z-Wave network and would like to know best practices

Staying up to date with Firmware

Qolsys does a pretty good job of regularly updating the software for their panels. Firmware can be updated locally via wi-fi.

You can find steps on how to update the firmware, along with patch notes, in the below guide. Subscribing to the thread will allow you to be notified when new firmware inforamtion is added.

How to Test Your Alarm System with Surety

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Wiring the panel

When it comes to wiring up the new panel, always use the incldued 7V power supply, plugged into a non-switched outlet.

If not using the included cable and using an existing cable run instead, ensure that it meets the guidelines on page 12 of the manual:

  • 7vDC Transformer: Use 18AWG wire no longer than 98.5ft to ensure sufficient
    power is received at the panel.
  • The minimum permissible wire size shall not be smaller than 22 AWG

Failure to follow these requirements can result in power failure and/or damage to the panel