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i am a new customer and am having trouble installing and testing my system. We inadvertently triggered the alarm and couldn’t shut it off with the master user code. Had to unplug it, which rendered it useless to protect my property.

I am no techie and need someone to answer a few simple questions during the installation. how do i get quick help? I called five times yesterday and it took two hours for someone to call me back and since i was unable to answer the phone at the time, they left a message and when i called back they never answered. it was quite frustrating.

This forum is where you have access to our technicians. Our office is closed in the late evenings, but even during business hours, our technicians are in the field, not at our office, which is why we direct you here for technical help. This is the best and quickest way to get an answer to questions you have, as you have access to all of our technicians. Also remember to take advantage of the tools we provide, including the instructions available in your welcome letter, installation guides with the pieces of equipment, this forum’s existing threads, and our how-to online videos.

I see from your history that after your system arrived, it was plugged in and then almost immediately armed. Notes from the technician who responded say that he left detailed instructions asking you to disarm the system while installing the sensors and directing you here. Did the default master code of 1111 not work to disarm the panel? What are your other questions? We’d be happy to address them here. However, Do-It-Yourself is not for everyone. If you’re out of your depth and need to pay to have someone install it for you, that’s okay too. As a reminder to our return policy, click here.

I’m sorry for the frustrating experience. Posting in this forum is the best way to get quick tech support help. We don’t provide tech support over the phone.

One thing that can be a bit confusing is mixing up the installer coder with the master code.

When you ordered your system you chose your installer code by entering it in the order form. That installer code is for system programming, not to disarm your system. You don’t really need the installer code but many DIY customers like to have it because they like to get in and reprogram their systems.

The master code to disarm a new system is 1111. You will want to change that to something else via the website but until you change it, you can disarm the system with 1111. Are you able to disarm the system using 1111?

Here is a video showing how to change user codes via

The first user code in the User Codes page is your master code. It’s labeled (master). Change that and save your changes to set a new master code.

Another option for programming/installation help is the 2GIG DIY Forum. See

when the system is armed away and i am in the building (but outside the zones for the sensors-i think) one of the sensors is triggered. is any presence in the building enough to trip a sensor???

The PIR motion detectors have a range of about 56ft. They might trip from a little further distance but not from anywhere in the house.

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